Garfield sells in Norwood, Adelaide and is somewhat of a local legend in the area. 

“I started in 2014 and then took some time off. They (The Big Issue) asked me to come back, and I’ve been with them ever since. I sell in Norwood, only five minutes away from the city. It’s really good, people in Norwood are really lovely. Because I’ve been there for a long time I’ve gotten to know the businesses well, it’s like a tight knit community here in Norwood."

“I’ve lots of regular customers, I’ve got a different group for each day. But mostly a lot of regulars you see every day, and you see the workers. The businesses buy the magazine, which is supportive."

“Just want to say a big thank you to people who buy it and support The Big Issue."

Garfield is one of many incredible vendors around Australia that you will be supporting by participating in The Big Sell!