Our Goal

This March, we are dreaming BIG and we need your help!

Together we hope to raise funds that will go towards supporting our vendors who have been doing it tough through COVID-19.


For 25 years The Big Issue has supported Australians experiencing homelessness and disadvantage to earn their own living by selling our fortnightly magazine on street corners around Australia.  Our unique and successful social enterprise model has also enabled our organisation to be proudly self-sufficient, operating without any need to rely on government support or donations.  However, COVID-19 resulted in our main revenue stream being turned off overnight!

Whilst vendors have been able to return to street selling in an on-and-off capacity around the country (depending on lockdowns), they have returned to starkly different street corners. Some predict that foot traffic in CBD areas around Australia will remain 40% down on pre COVID-19 levels.

2020 was by far our most challenging year and though we knew 2021 wouldn’t be easy, like many businesses we didn’t think lockdowns across Australia would become a constant reality. We want to be able to survive the next 25 years to support those living on the margins. However we cannot do this alone. It is our goal that The Big Sell will help raise funds and support The Big Issue with all proceeds going towards supporting people experiencing homelessness, marginalisation and disadvantage.

Our Impact

13m magazines sold

7000 vendors since 1996

700,000 subscriptions packed