Linda sells in Ballarat, Victoria, and is known around town for her incredible dress sense, musical talents and positivity!

“I’ve sold in Ballarat, and also sold in Sydney in Gosford. In Gosford I had to get a train to get my magazines and then get a train back to sell. It was a bit of a difference. In Ballarat I get the magazines from the post office and then sell sell sell! I love selling The Big Issue and it’s good to get them from the post office. 

“The customers I usually get love what I do and tell me ‘you’re doing a good job, keep it up’. It’s a good way to be working, you get appreciation and people like what you’re doing. It makes me feel rewarded. They’re just amazed I’m out here and they love what I’m doing."

“I just love The Big Issue so much, I think it’s a great thing they do to help with the homelessness. It’s up and up for me now.”

Linda is one of many incredible vendors around Australia that you will be supporting by participating in The Big Sell!